Basement Teen Center


Basement Teen Center explores street photography

The Basement Teen Center, located in the basement of Montpelier’s City Hall, is a substance-free, adult-supervised space for teens to gather, attend workshops, learn leadership skills, and have fun. During the school year the Basement is open from 2-6 pm Monday through Friday, and from 3-8 pm on Friday. During the summer and school vacations, the Basement is open from 1-5 pm Monday through Friday (hours may vary due to COVID-19. Call to check on status). 

The Basement is staffed daily by at least two experienced and trained adult workers. Young people play an active role in creating and caring for the teen center space, setting rules, resolving conflicts, and planning and operating programs. When funds permit, the teen center employs a teen as part-time Teen Coordinator, who runs an active Teen Council that helps adult staff plan programming and make decisions about center operations.

The Basement Teen Center is currently supported by funding from the City of Montpelier, Boys & Girls Clubs of America,  resources from the VT Food Bank, AmeriCorps volunteers, and donations from individuals and businesses.

To learn more about the Basement’s programs and to get involved, call Robert Morgan at 229-9151 or  or visit the website at Robert and other Basement staff can be reached at the Basement at 223-3877 during open hours (hours may vary due to COVID-19. Call to check on status).