Country Roads Counseling Services and Temporary Shelter Program

Country Roads Counseling Services and Temporary Shelter Program

Country Roads provides individual and family counseling, family mediation, 24-hour crisis intervention, and temporary shelter for youth who are in crisis. Country Roads began in 1976 and has been a core service of the YSB for twenty-eight years.

The program serves runaway and homeless young people, as well as young people and families who are confronting communication problems, youth behavioral problems, grief and loss, depression and anxiety, parental custody issues, stress within blended families, and other issues that contribute to stress in the home. When a runaway or homeless youth requires shelter, or when it is determined that a teen would benefit from taking a break from the family, the Program works to place the youth in a temporary shelter home. Shelter homes are family homes that are made available by volunteer “shelter parents” — men and women from all over Washington County who open up their homes to young people for one night to two weeks. Country Roads staff recruit, train, and regularly communicate with shelter parents to ensure a successful match between the young person and the shelter home.

Counseling can be arranged to take place at the Bureau office in Montpelier, at area schools, in family homes, or at other appropriate locations. Young people ages 12-22 are eligible to receive individual and family counseling. Shelter services are available to youth ages 12-17. Referrals to other community resources are also provided to youth and families when needed.

Become a Shelter Parent!
Country Roads is looking for generous adults to provide short-term shelter to young people in their homes. Shelter parents’ house youth from one night to 7 days, are provided with training and ongoing support from Bureau counselors, and receive a stipend of $30 to cover the cost of food and other expenses while housing a young person.

If you are interested in volunteering as a shelter parent or would like to learn more about the Country Roads Program, please contact Georgiana Birmingham at 229-9151 or