Vermont Youth Development Corps (VYDC)

The Vermont Youth Development Corps AmeriCorps State Program (VYDC), a statewide national service program which places 30 AmeriCorps members at innovative, youth-focused organizations that address critical community issues. VYDC fosters community support for prevention and intervention programs providing opportunities for youth to build developmental assets and the resilience to thrive, avoid opioid and other substance use, and ultimately become healthy, engaged citizens.

Member service activities are designed to do the following:

  1. Help communities increase youth participation in positive youth development activities that encourage a healthy and active lifestyle and prevent and treat substance use.
  2. Help youth build connections to the community through service learning and increase their belief that they can make a difference.
  3. Implement quality activities that encourage healthy, active lifestyles; discourage unhealthy behavior such as opioid and other substance use; bolster success in school; provide job readiness; support youth struggling with emotional issues, including bullying.
  4. Develop volunteer, program, and financial resources.
  5. Help members gain professional skills and experience that will serve them in seeking meaningful employment, as well as develop a commitment to a life of active civic engagement.

VYDC members participate in comprehensive training to build job skills and develop a commitment to a life of active citizenship. They receive a living allowance and an education award that can be used for existing qualified student loans or for the costs of attending college, graduate school, or trade school.

To apply for available positions:

Go to the My AmeriCorps website:

  • Under “State,” select Vermont
  • In the Program Name field, type “VYDC” and click the Search button
  • All open VYDC positions should appear
  • Submit an application

To learn more about VYDC, contact: National Service Program Staff at 802-229-9151 or at or visit the web page at