Vermont Youth Tomorrow A*VISTA Program (VYT)

Kreig Pinkham, the Bureau’s Executive Director, provides a training on Positive Youth Development for members.

The Vermont Youth Tomorrow AmeriCorps VISTA Program (VYT), a statewide national service program, places 21 VISTA members at community-based organizations, schools, and municipalities throughout Vermont. VYT members on alleviating poverty by mobilizing resources and building organizational capacity for programs that help low-income youth and families develop job skills and academic proficiency, gain access to affordable housing and healthy food, and cultivate the social assets that they need to transcend poverty, avoid unhealthy behaviors such as opioid use, and ultimately thrive. Through service, VYT members gain important professional skills and experience, as well as build and reinforce their belief in the power of lifelong community service.

VYT members commit to a year of service to build the capacity of organizations in some or all of the following ways:

  1. Assist community based organizations to establish or improve systems that become part of ongoing operations
  2. Identify and procure resources needed to help ensure sustainability of vital programs
  3. Recruit, train, and manage community volunteers
  4. Develop programs that help youth gain essential skills and knowledge
  5. Educate community stakeholders about youth issues and develop opportunities for the stakeholders to actively participate in strengthening in programs
  6. Implement public relation plans to spread the word about programs, events, and opportunities

To apply for available positions:

Go to the My AmeriCorps website:

  • Under “State,” select Vermont
  • In the Program Name field, type “VYT” and click the Search button
  • All open VYT positions should appear
  • Submit an application

To learn more about VYDC, contact: National Service Programs staff at 802-229-9151 or at or visit the web page at