Vermont Coalition of Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs (VCRHYP)

VCRHYP is a coalition of 14 member agencies serving runaway and homeless youth throughout Vermont. Each program operates within its own distinct community-based, non-profit youth and family service organization. VCRHYP programs have served Vermont youth and families as a coalition since 1981. Some individual VCRHYP programs have been providing runaway services since as early as 1970.

The Bureau serves as the administrative agency for VCRHYP, maintaining bottom line fiscal and programmatic responsibility for these programs. VCRHYP staff are employed by the Bureau and provide member programs with program development and evaluation, fundraising, public education, training, data, maintenance and analysis, administration of Medicaid matching funds, and representation on state and national advisory boards. The VCRHYP leadership also works to ensure that the Coalition remains committed to providing “best practice” approaches to youth work.

VCRHYP member programs serve an average of 1,000 youths a year through two types of programs that are administered by the Bureau:

  • The Basic Center Program, which provides emergency shelter to runaway and homeless youths and works to reunite runaways with their families and resolve family problems; and
  • The Transitional Living Program, which helps homeless youths ages 16-21 make a successful transition to independent adulthood through long-term housing, life skills training, advocacy and employment counseling.

For more information about VCRHYP please contact Bethany Pombar at 229-9151 or or visit the VCRHYP web page at