Who We Are

The Washington County Youth Service Bureau/Boys & Girls Club is a private, non-profit organization that has assisted young people and families since 1974.  As the only non-profit in Washington County focused solely on the unique and complex needs of adolescents and young adults, nearly 500 youth turn to our direct service programs each year for support. In addition, we administer four statewide coalitions of youth service providers that touch another 15,000 youth throughout Vermont.

Our Mission is to provide a wide range of innovative and effective programs that empower and enrich the lives of youth and families in Washington County, and to provide leadership and support to other youth programs throughout Vermont.

Our Philosophy is rooted in a trauma informed, positive youth development approach, and deep understanding of the unique needs of youth and adolescent brain development science. We partner with youth to build on their strengths and to identify developmental supports and opportunities that promote success.

Why Our Work Matters: On the brink of adulthood, the teenage and young adult years are a critical time of learning, of brain and social and emotional development. It is a challenging time for any youth, and especially for our most vulnerable youth who may have experienced trauma or family instability, poverty or homelessness, who are young parents, or young offenders. They need our help today – to deal with very real challenges and crises in their lives – and to create a path forward to learn, grow, and build fulfilling, self-sufficient lives.